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Library Information and Resources for Faculty: Library Instruction

Learn about how Jefferson Libraries can help students succeed by scheduling additional research and information literacy support for your classes.

Library Instruction

Jefferson Libraries offer a variety of instructional opportunities at all college locations, tailoring sessions to fit any level of research need or class size. We offer course-related instruction, information literacy sessions, a variety of workshops, online learning guides, and video resources.

Request instruction for any Jefferson location:​ 

  • Bring your class to the library for a session.
  • Have a librarian come to your class for a session.

Room Reservations (without instruction)

If you want to schedule a library room (without instruction) for your class in the Downtown library: 

Questions about rooms and computers in the Southwest Library call: 502-213-7222

Approach to Teaching the Research Process

We value the opportunity for collaboration on instruction to best meet the learning outcomes of assignments requiring research. Our foundational approach to research instruction corresponds to and builds on the “Five Steps to Information Literacy” methodology introduced in all Jefferson FYE classes. 

Define: What problem am I solving? What do I already know? What else do I need to learn? What search terms (or subject vocabulary) will help me find information? How do I narrow my topic?

Locate: How can I search library resources (e.g. databases)?

Select: When I find sources, how do I decide which are best? Within a source, how do I decide which information to use?

Organize: How can I arrange the information so others can understand it?

Use (ethically): What constitutes plagiarism and how do I cite my sources to avoid plagiarizing? 

Staley, Constance. Focus on Community College Success. 3rd ed., Cengage, 2014.

Context for Library Instruction

According to the Association of College and Research Libraries,

“Information literacy encompasses more than good information-seeking behavior. It incorporates the abilities to recognize when information is needed and then to phrase questions designed to gather the needed information. It includes evaluating and then using information appropriately and ethically once it is retrieved from any media, including electronic, human or print sources. The responsibility for helping people become information literate is best shared across a campus, as is clearly indicated in the Competency Standards. Ideally, administrators support information literacy goals for their institutions. Course instructors help their students achieve information literacy in their chosen fields, and librarians and other campus professionals collaborate with course instructors in this effort.”

For more information see the full report here:

The mission of the Jefferson Community and Technical College Libraries is to:

  • Prepare students to succeed in technical and pre-baccalaureate programs, business and industry training, professional development and enrichment
  • Educate individuals and groups toward information literacy in our contemporary information society
  • Promote all forms of literacy and freedom of inquiry, while challenging censorship.

Before Your Session: Details

Please request library instruction sessions at least one week in advance.

When a library instruction session is scheduled, you will receive a request for a copy of your research assignment from the teaching librarian. Please include any additional information or resources needed to develop an effective teaching strategy for your class. Share copies of syllabi and assignments; list(s) of reading/writing prompts used by your students; books, articles, and other media e.g. TED talks and websites. This supports our ability to answer your students' questions about research in the context of their assignments and with meaningful examples.

Show your students the Library web page and encourage them to explore it. Learning and Research Guides offer an overview designed to prepare students for research instruction.

A Guide to Research Tutorial student-friendly short videos and brief lessons for beginning research, this is recommended as preparation for a library research class.

Before Your Session: Planning an Assignment

Collaborate with librarians when planning a research assignment to discover topics and media to use for reading/writing prompts from what is currently available at JCTC Libraries and what may be purchased. Contact, Downtown Library Technical Services 104 E.

Plan assignments based on available library resources.
Databases provide access to articles from credible, well-known newspapers, magazines, and journals. Some databases contain academic and peer-reviewed journals while others contain articles from fact-checked sources. 

Work with a librarian  to discover which databases and resources best support the assignment to develop a library research presentation for your class.

To view a list of all the databases you have access to through the library we offer our A - Z Database link below.  You will need to use your KCTCS user name and password to access databases from home.

After Your Session

Complete our surveys (we promise to keep them short).

Evaluate Instruction sessions and/or offer feedback on the things we can do better (help us improve).

We Love to Answer Questions