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Researching for English... and beyond!

Where to start?

The best place to start is to start with something that interests you!

  • Do you have a strong opinion on a topic?
  • Did you read or see a news story recently that has piqued your interest?
  • Do you have a personal issue, problem or interest that you would like to know more about?

Narrowing in on a subject

Why don't you try Mind Mapping:

Brainstorming = free thinking and producing ideas

  • Write your topic or area of study in the center of a blank page.
  • Use colors, pictures, and words to record any ideas, topics, authors, theories or anything else associated with the topic!
  • You can put these anywhere on the page.
  • Do not filter out ideas; at this point anything and everything is potentially useful!
  • Circle the key points or ideas you have identified.

Mind Mapping = identifying relationships and organizing ideas

  • Identify gaps in your knowledge, and any questions you have.
  • Look at each item and consider, "How does this point relate to the others, and to the topic as a whole?"
  • Map the relationships between the ideas or key points using lines, arrows, colors and words to link them.
  • Identify the type of relationship between points: contrast / similarity / cause and effect - Write these along the linking lines.
  • Use this map to plan/guide your assignment: arrange items in a logical order to create the structure of your assignment.