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Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician Program at KCTCS

"The pharmacy technician performs technical functions under the direction of a Registered Pharmacist; including prescription preparation, inventory, repackaging, and compounding. 

The essential elements of this certificate program include the history of pharmacy, pharmacy law, medical terminology, drug classification and prescription preparation. 

Laboratory experience and an externship under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist are required components of the program."

Interlibrary Loan

Sometimes, you'll need a book or article that is not available in the library collection.   If the item is available in another library's collection, we can often borrow it for your use.   To request an Interlibrary Loan (also called ILL) check with your campus librarian.   You'll need to know the title, author and publication information (date and publisher).  It can take 1-3 weeks or more to obtain an item through ILL, so plan ahead. For a magazine or journal article, print the citation from the database and we'll try to get a copy from another library.


The purpose of this research guide is to help you locate information as you study to become a pharmacy technician. Whether your goal is to work in a retail, hospital, mail-order or compounding pharmacy, this guide contains useful resources to help you meet both your academic and career goals.

Tips for getting started

Generally, your research for materials about pharmacy will involve one or more of the following:

  • locating books and other library materials on your topic
  • locating reference resources to provide background information on your topic
  • locating journal or magazine articles for current research, statistics or analysis
  • locating web sites specifically aimed at your topic
  • citing your sources