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Basic Research

Research Process

Research is a process, and it helps to think of it as a cycle with five steps:

  1. Define: Choose a topic and review background information.
  2. Locate: Search for articles, books, e-books, and websites about your topic.
  3. Select: Evaluate sources and select credible information.
  4. Organize: Read your sources and take notes on what information you want to include in your paper.
  5. Use Ethically: Include citations in the sentences where you quote or paraphrase a source and on your Works Cited or References page at the end of your paper.

Adapted from:
Staley, Constance. Focus on College Success. 5th ed.,
Cengage Learning, 2018, p.183.


Research Timeline

Because research is a process, it takes time to do it right. Use this worksheet to break your research into steps and make a plan to complete your assignment on time.