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Constitution and Citizenship Day

A guide to information resources related to Jefferson's Constitution Day

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What is Constitution Day?

Constitution Day is a national observance on September 17 meant to commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution. Schools that receive federal funding, as well as federal agencies, are required to observe Constitution Day due to Senator Robert Byrd's 2004 federal spending bill. 

Interactive Constitution

You can explore the Constitution for yourself online. 

Blogs & Podcasts

The National Constitution Center has a weekly podcast and a daily blog. These examine current topics in light of the Constitution as well as diving into history.  

The Project On Government Oversight acquired The Constitution Project which works to protect the constitutional rights of individuals.  

The American Constitution Society publishes blog posts by experts on Law and Policy Analysis

The Constitution

Original Meanings
Unruly Americans
America's Constitution
The Constitution Today
Allow Me to Retort
Liberty and Union
the fight for free speech
freedom for the thought we hate

Other Online Resources

The National Archives provide a ton of information about the Constitutional timeline and its authors.

Learn more about six of the key founding fathers through their own writing and debates through Founders Online

Oyez is a multimedia archive that makes the Supreme Court available to anyone. On Oyez, you can explore members of the Supreme Court and their decisions. 

More Constitution Podcasts

National Constitution Center

"Live constitutional conversations and debates featuring leading historians, journalists, scholars, and public officials hosted at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia and across America."

Amarica's Constitution

"Professor Akhil Reed Amar, Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science at Yale University and one of the nation’s leading authorities on the Constitution, offers weekly in-depth discussions on the most urgent and fascinating constitutional issues of our day."


"Reporter Lillian Cunningham returns with this series exploring the Constitution and the people who framed and reframed it — revolutionaries, abolitionists, suffragists, teetotalers, protesters, justices, presidents – in the ongoing struggle to form a more perfect union across a vast and diverse land."

History That Doesn't Suck!

"Think of HTDS as covering the basics of what an American should but possibly doesn't know (or has forgotten) about history. The episodes are roughly one hour, story-driven, and irreverently educational. Each episode stands on its own as a story, but taken together, they will also walk you through a survey of US history that starts with the Revolution and will (eventually) go right up to the present. It's everything you need and want to know."

5-4 Pod

"Listen each week as hosts Peter, Michael, and Rhiannon dismantle the Justices’ legal reasoning on hot-button issues like affirmative action, gun rights, and campaign finance, and use dark humor to reveal the high court’s biases."