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IECE: Successful Story Time

This guide will offer tips and resources for a successful story time program for students of all ages.

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Successful Story Time

Story time involves more than just reading aloud to a group. A successful story time is meant to engage young readers while implementing positive reading habits as well as instilling a love of reading. How can one expect to achieve these goals by just reading monotonously from any book?

Tips for Getting Started

For a successful story time it is important to remember:

  • Choose quality reading material that engages reader interest.
  • Read with a clear voice, reflecting a natural tone that is genuine to the story.
  • Be sure to introduce the book with Title, Author and Illustrator (if necessary) to show children that books are written and illustrated by real people.
  • Present pictures and illustrations while reading, rather than before or after you have read the page, so that children can connect meaning to the images on the page.
  • Body movements and facial expressions can enhance the read-aloud experience.


Selecting a theme can focus students on a particular subject as well as enhance content material.

Some suggestions for story time themes would be:

  • Weather
  • Seasons
  • Holidays
  • Families