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Campus Resources

Campus Guides

You can find an overview and a map, with directions, to each of the campuses via the links below.

The Downtown campus offers a map of the buildings on campus, which can be useful during your first few days of a semester. You can also take a look at the aerial view of the Downtown campus.

JCTC Downtown has a self-guided walking tour to help you learn about your new campus. Be sure to take a look and bookmark it for future reference.

Campus map

Campus Calendar

The JCTC campus hosts a variety of events throughout the school semesters. You can find out what upcoming events are interesting to you by taking a look at the Campus Events.

Outside of interesting things happening on campus, there are dates that you need to know as a student. For a breakdown of dates for semester enrollment, holidays, exams, and a range of other things, you can visit the Academic Calendar. This is important information to know for managing your time in order to be a successful student.

You can also follow the JCTC Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates on what's going on across campuses.


As a JCTC student, you are responsible for knowing the policies developed for students. These policies address things such as:

  • Enrollment (assessments, grades, exams, etc)
  • Academic Policies (code of conduct, drug policy, sexual harassment, etc)
  • Graduation (requirements, the KCTC guarantee, etc)

You can visit the Student Policies homepage for a list of each of these policies. Clicking into one will outline how each of these will impact you. It also explains how to seek help if any of these occur while you are a student.

These policies are also included in your KCTCS catalog. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the school directly.

Your KCTCS catalog outlines everything you will need to know as a student. It covers a range of topics from policies to financial aid resources  to the courses you will be able to enroll in. Please read through your catalog to learn about opportunities provided for you as a student, and resources to ask for help when you need it. There are a variety of staff and tools here to help you with any questions you have. You can read through the 2019-2020 catalog.

FYE Guide

The FYE Student Guide covers a variety of things you are going to encounter as a first year student. Everything from tutoring to money management to technology tips can be found within The FYE Guide.