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Learning Common Technology

Technology available to borrow at the Downtown Campus
computers, copiers, printers, scanners, headphones, phone chargers, calculators, flash drives, projector for group practice, digital voice recorders
Technology available to borrow at the Southwest Campus
computers, copiers, printers, scanners, tv for watching videos on VHS or DVD, phone chargers, calculators, tv for group presentation practice, digital voice recorders.

All campuses offer computers and study spaces for use.

Why is Digital Literacy so important?

  1. Digital literacy skills affect your daily life, your success as a student, and future employability.
  2. Digital literacy is necessary!  For many people, technology is the primary way they interact with the world.
  3. College courses increasingly require proficiency in digital tools and spaces.
  4. Taking online courses can help you graduate more quickly! Learning the tools expected by your professors is vital to your success.
  5. Many jobs require proficiency in advancing technology. 

Remember: every individual is responsible for the ways they use technology!

Digital Footprint

Everyone who uses the web leaves behind a "digital footprint"

  • This footprint contains every interaction you have on the internet!
  • All activities from social media to online browsing
  • Each activity leaves behind a trace of information that identifies a specific device and/or user.
  • Organizations screen potential employees to see what trail candidates leave

This all happens with your knowledge, or not! 

Remember: The Internet is a public place!!

Learning More

This guide is packed full of tips and explanations on how using technology. However, if you are looking for more: